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I am Marie-Laurence Hagopian, Founder, Tutor & Managing Director. With over 20 years of expertise in Education, I am passionate about providing your children with the best services possible to help them achieve and explore their full potential, in a fulfilling learning journey.

Originally from South of France, I started teaching in Alliances Française, and French Institutes alongside my studies at University. I studied English and Applied Linguistics, and I graduated from both a French and British University. I left with a Master II  in Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics and a Licence FLE.  My research work gave me valuable insights for my role today. 

I then trained as a teacher in a British University and my experience includes roles as Head of French in prestigious London prep schools. I am currently Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning in a bilingual primary school in Paris. Alongside a rewarding and fulfilling career in teaching, I worked as Content Writer for the excellent e-French learning platform Savio.fr. In addition, I regularly provide education consulting services, and I founded a French Courses agency for adults, French Touch Courses.

We offer French tuitions for both French natives and non-natives children. 

For non-natives, we offer general French from 5 years-old, and also specialise in Common Entrance 13+, GCSE, and A-levels preparation.

For natives or bilinguals children, we offer the best bespoke FLAM programmes (CP-CM2), CNED, and Delf Junior preparation. 

We are a  happy team of experts French native teachers with experience in both the French and British education systems. Each tutor has been selected for their experience as well as for their personality and inspiring interests.

We are passionate about making each learning experience a unique, enjoyable and successful one!

Marie-Laurence Hagopian


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